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repeat scroller

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I have another type of scrolling screen i want to do as a 2D game in or c# I want a repeat scrolling screen from right to left. TJis is easy enough to do as you shift first column of screen to the back and just keep going. My problem is having a repeat scrolling screen where at some point you add in a few new columns before going top back to the original scrolling columns. SAy I have 30 columns in my world to scroll with 16 rows. I want to scroll through columns 1-10 and display 8 at a time on the screen. I want to keep repeating scrolling through these cols 3 times where the 1st col will get moved to the last col so the whole thing repeats. After these columns scroll through 3 times, i then want cols 11-20 to appear on screen and go through 3 times and then cols 21-30 3 times. How can i do this scenario as this will have 90 columns in total appear on screen and I can just loop 30.

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