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Help working with alpha channels in TGA sequence!

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Hi all! If anybody has any ideas about how to help me with this problem, I would be extremely grateful: I have a pretty robust game engine as it stands now, and I would like to incorporate some live action footage for special effects such as explosions and smoke, etc. Here''e my problem: The media that I have is a numbered Targa sequence (ie, Fire001.tga, Fire002.tga, Fire003.tga, etc.) but this TGA sequence does NOT have an embedded alpha channel. I do, however, have the alpha mattes as a SEPARATE TGA sequence (FireMatte001.tga, FireMatte002.tga) which are just regular grayscale images. Does anybody know how to use a program to load the grayscale sequence into the ALPHA channel of the RGB sequence, so that I can just have one 32-bit sequence? (This is what my game needs). I have access to Photoshop, After Effects, and paint* from Discreet Logic, and I will buy more software if it is necessary to complete this task. Any advice welcome! (Also, somebody please let me know if there might be a better forum to post this question in.) I do NOT wish to perform this task frame by frame, i.e. by hand. I realize I -COULD- copy and paste using Photoshop, but I''m looking for an AUTOMATED way to get those damn grayscale files into the TGA files as alpha information! Anybody have any insight? Best wishes, Jay Wheeler MasterWorks Software

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It''d only take an hour or so at most to knock up a simple program to do that. The only problem I can see would be if the colour file was palettised. Depends if it needs to have an artist friendly/childproof interface or not.

Debabelizer does conversions, although I''m not sure it''ll do that type of merging

Simon O''''Connor
Creative Asylum Ltd

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