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Deathmatch with deformable meshes?

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Yesterday, as I was pondering deformable meshes, it occurred to me that that could be used to make an interesting form of deathmatch. What if...rather than actually have health, your life was determined by the size of your model? "It''s not the size that matters..." And instead of healthpacks, you had air pumps or something of the like to reinflate your body. Go ahead and include your standard weapons if you want to, but they''re all going to be used in a different way. Now, whenever a weapon hits, it will crunch your model down at the nearest vertex (or multiple vertices, based on the size of the projecticle) a certain depth based on the speed of the projectile. As you take more and more damage, your model will shrink, and the way to kill off a player could be either to reduce the model to x% of its original size, or essentially crush it in to oblivion. Since the model shrinks, it''s harder to hit, which means you don''t necessarily have to worry about someone jumping in on a firefight and taking the easy frag because the longer the firefight has been, the harder it may be for them to line up their shot. Sound interesting? Or does it sound more like tedium that players would get sick of? -- WNDCLASSEX Reality; ... ... Reality.lpfnWndProc=ComputerGames; ... ... RegisterClassEx(&Reality); Unable to register Reality...what''s wrong? --------- Dan Upton Lead Designer WolfHeart Software

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UT had a mutator whereby the lower your score, the thinner your model, and vice versa. This was good because if you were losing, it was harder to die _again_ and if you were winning, you were a good, plump, target.

Your idea would be pretty funny I think - although it might get irritating trying to finish the guy off once he''s down to no health... and your opponent could keep drilling you because you''re so nice and fat.

It might not be good to base a whole game around it - unless it turns out to be really fun of course - but it would add a nice twist on standard deathmatch.


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Hehe... Reminds me of a lanparty a week ago...

Facing Worlds, CTF, 2 against 2.

The system didn''t quite work... Or actually, not as it had been intended

I had the highest score, but was of normal size. One of my enemies stood on the second place, and basicly was a new asteroid Pretty easy frag from the other side of the map... Number three was also an enemy, but of normal size. Number four was my buddy, and he had a few holes in his body... You couldn''t see him coming.

Still, even though we were both smaller, our team score was about twice as high as the enemies score. We used a pretty simple trick: I did the fragging, and my buddy only captured the flag. And died. So he would remain thin...

It was an unfair game... But funny

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