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Microtanks- Multiplayer Tank Game

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Ok I am going to try to keep this as short as possible. From 1998 to around 2008, there was this 2d online tank game called Battlefield. It was originally hosted on, but moved to its own site in its last few years to . The people running the game decided to shut it down last year for basically no reason. Well there was a pretty good following behind the game (myself included) which still have a community going. One of our community members decided to basically remake the game as we remembered it. He is getting pretty close to being done and the few previews he has given has made us feel like we were playing the old game again. Basically the reason I am making this thread is that before he will release the game, he wants to us to get at least 600 "referrals", because he wants there to be an actual audience for the game. if you click this button, you will add to the referrals: That will take you to a basic explanation of the game (you can register for the game there as well). If you want to join our community, the forum we use is: You can get more information by looking there lol. [Edited by - Delong on August 15, 2009 4:51:27 PM]

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