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Usage of Steering Behvaiors in RTS Games

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Hi all, Steering behaviors could be used in RTS Games in: - Obstetrical avoidance - Arranging armies - Add leader feature to your armies - Used in town building (by abstract form of steering): in which a vector can be calculated that tells AI a general direction in which it should expand its base, generated by blending a number of rich focused targeting "behaviors" into a compound end target that would generally be better for the AI army Any other suggestions? Thanks in advance

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Most behaviors listed on this page ...

... are in RTS games (and many other game types for that matter).

Seek and Flee
Pursue and Evade
Obstacle Avoidance
Wall Following
Path Following
Flow Field Following
Crowd Path Following
Leader Following
Unaligned Collision Avoidance
Queuing (at a doorway)
Flocking (combining: separation, alignment, cohesion)

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