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DXUT windowed mode rendering problems!

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Hi! I'm doing a small application in Visual Studio Express 2008 using C++ and DirectX with DXUT. I am initializing everything the standard DXUT way (I guess) and not constructing the window by myself or anything. Should be really simple.. but no. When running in fullscreen everything works fine, but in windowed mode the upper parts of the screen and some parts on the side isn't rendered/cleared by DX at all.. it looks really weird. It's really an area that is unaffected by DX and my guess is that something is messed up with the setup of the window or the device. When running 1024x768 it looks like there is an offset of about 30 pixels. Moving the mouse pointer to the upper left corner of the client aera gives mouse coordinates that are negative?? Does anyone know what could be wrong? Please help! :) Sincerely, / Mattias

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