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low-graphic RTS MMO (feedback needed)

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After playing Evony for a few months, i began designing my own RTS MMO similar to Evony. In case you never played Evony, here are some features: 1) The map is seamlessly scrollable. 2) Instead of sending a pack of troops to march across the map, Evony uses a time-based system. You send your troops on a march to a specified location, with a mission. The troops are not displayed on the map. A progress bar shows you how long until the mission completes. Although Evony uses cities with buildings inside (one city, one tile, N number of buildings), im going a different route. Instead of using cities, every building in the base will be buildable on square tiles on the map, like other RTS game such as Age of Empires. I havnt named the game yet, nor have i decided if i will begin programming it, but heres a detailed description: Graphics There arnt many graphics to the game. There are no troops being animated walking across the map. All buildings will have 3 state animations; Building, Built, and Destroyed. Artilary units do have a map graphic, which i will talk about later. Also, all units will have an icon graphic for in barracks/airport to train. Mission Types I will list the mission types before mechanics, so you get a better idea on how they work. Attack - Sends units to attack the target hostile building, in hope of destroying it. Intercept - Sends units to intercept the incoming hostile attack. Reinforce - Sends units from one building to another, and they do not return. Transport - Sends units from one building to another, leaving the resources and returning back. Scout/Spy - Sends units to gather info from the building, such as what it has stored inside, and what mission its on. IE If an Airport has 2 Stealth Fighters inside, it will include that there are 2 Stealth Fighters in the spy report. Move - Moves the Ground units to the specified location. When the mission is over, the units do not return home. Instead, the convert into a Battery. Note that units cannot be sent to another location once converted. However they may be recalled back to where they deployed from. Recon - Sends units to gather Battery/Ground Unit info within a radius of tiles. This reports all Batteries within X tiles of the targeted location. Artillery - Only executable from a Battery. The player selects where they want the Battery to Artillery Strike. The attack is almost instant, depending on distance, but there is a recharge time after each strike. I might add more missions, such as a Capture mission to capture enemy buildings. Mission Mechanics The mission mechanics will work very similar to Evony's. You fill in some info to create a mission and send it. The progress bar pops up, and you get the result when its done. One major mechanic thats not in Evony is the Move and Artillery missions. I added these mainly for strategic gameplay. Theres not as much strategy as id like in sending fighter jets over and over. In Evony, when an attack is sent by an enemy, you may not get much information about the attack depending on research and Beacon Tower level. In this game i plan on doing something similar, but not exactly the same. Since this is a modern war game, i will implement radar stations. When an attack is sent from an enemy, it will not have a warning until it is in X distance of a radar station. The area is increased depending on researched technology. Still, the distance is pretty large. Fortifications and Combat Defensive Fortifications will be another prime feature to the game. In Evony, you had fortification spaces on your city's wall, which you filled with Traps, Archer Towers, and other things. When your city comes under attack, the enemy must beat your defending troops and wall defense. Then you get to take some resources with you. In this game, you may build Fortifications. I havnt decided which of the 2 ways it will be implemented. Idea 1: It will work as a single building that has multiple defenses combined (missile launcher + machine gun) and defends other buildings. Idea 2: Each defense takes its own tile on the map. The Fortifications can be set to defend other nearby buildings. When an attack hits a building it is defending, the fortification will get first hit in attempt to destroy the attacking unit(s). Technology and other unit defenses, such as anti-rocket lasers, or a jet using shaft to detour the missile) will also have effect on the outcome of battles. Attack range may also be implemented to allow attacking units to have first hit without dealing with fortifications. Structures (buildings) Command Center - This is the primary base. Players can build multiple, but limited amount of them. Once every Command Center is destroyed the player loses. War Factory - Produces and stores ground units, such as tanks and Humvees. Airport - Produces and stores air units, such as Stealth Fighter and Spy Jet. Shipyard - Produces and stores space units, such as Spy Satellite, Space Station, and Cruiser. Missile Silo - Produces and stores missiles, which will be listed below. Science Lab - Allows research of advanced technologies. Armory - Allows unit upgrades and bonuses. Nuclear Plant - A power producer that supplies power. Solar Plant - Produces power that is supplied by Solar Satellites. If you have no Solar Satellites in orbit, the Solar Plant is useless. Communications Station - Allows spy satellites to send spy data and reports for you to view. Refinery - When built on an Oil tile, it produces fuel. Steel Production - When built on an Iron tile, it produces steel. Titanium Production - When built on a Titanium tile, it produces titanium. Crystal Production - When built on a Crystal tile, it produces crystal. Rocket Base - Produces and stores rockets, which will be listed below. Solar Field - Produces power. Only produces during the day, if day/night cycles are implemented. Radar Station - Allows incoming enemy attacks to be seen when they come in range. Missiles (from Missile Silo) Ballistics Missile - A missile that can be launched to a long-distance target. They can also shoot down Space Stations. Anti-Ballistics Missile - A missile that can be used to counter Ballistics Missiles and Nuclear Missiles. Anti-Satellite Missile - A missile that can be used to destroy enemy satellites, including spy and solar. Nuclear Missile - A missile that can be launched to a long-distance target. It has a huge effect on what it hits, and a lesser effect to buildings in X range. All players will be alerted when a Nuclear Missile is launched. All players will receive a report once the mission ends, either resulting in being destroyed by ABMs, or the destruction and location it hit and was launched from. Rockets (from Rocket Base) Craft Interceptor - Executes an Intercept mission against the incoming attack. Ballistics Rocket - Operates like the Ballistics Missile, but has a lesser effect and a much smaller distance. Also cheaper than the AB, and useful for close enemies. Can also be launched at Batteries. Ground, Air, and Space Units Im not going to list all of these units, but there are transports, spy units, attack units, interception units, satellites, helicopters, and various tanks, aircraft, and spacecraft. The Space Station The Space Stations is a space unit, but is different than the others. It acts as a Shipyard as it can produce spacecraft (not including more Space Stations). It also has an onboard Space-to-Ground missile platform, which can send Ballistics Rockets to the surface of the planet. Distance still applies to the Rocket, but ignores surface to space distance. Number of Space Stations in command will be limited, probably depending on technology research, or Armory upgrades. The Goal of the Game The overall goal is to conquer the entire world. Players can create/join alliances and work together. I want there to be a lot of strategy in the game, not just hammering the enemy with thousands of troops. Unit production buildings (War Factory, Airport, Shipyard) will only store a few units. The number of units storable in each can be increased by technology research or the Armory. Thats the basics of the game. Im not sure how much fun it would turn out, or how many people would play it. Thats why im asking everyone's opinion on this type of game, as it has few graphics and uses progress bars for missions and combat in general. If anyone has any feedback, opinions (good or bad), questions, or comments, please reply!

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