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bytecode save/restore cause exception!

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I try to upgrade 2.17.0 from 2.16.0. but I found a bug about asIScriptArray bytecode save/restore. try this simple code in C++ asIScriptArray* GlobalCharArray = (asIScriptArray*) engine->CreateScriptObject(engine->GetTypeIdByDecl("uint8[]")); GlobalCharArray->Resize(256); r = engine->RegisterGlobalProperty("uint8[] GlobalCharArray", GlobalCharArray); assert( r >= 0 ); and in script side void main() { GlobalCharArray[1] = 10; print(string(GlobalCharArray[1])); } it could be bulided and run with right result. But when I save the bytecode to file and restore it, it will raise exception in as_restore.cpp It seems that, any registered functions with asIScriptArray would raise the same exception. ex: r = engine->RegisterGlobalFunction("string@ ARRAYTOHEX(uint8[] &in)", asFUNCTION(ArrayToHexStr), asCALL_CDECL); assert( r >= 0 ); asString* ArrayToHexStr(asIScriptArray *arr) { ...... } Thanks a lot. lobo

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