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SDL Icon Issue

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I'm having an issue with both the Windows and Linux builds of my project. It's small, but I'd like to get it dealt with for polish. The problem is that I assign an icon for the window, but no matter what the window always has the default Icon. I've tried looking online to no avail, so I was curious if anyone here might have any insight. This is the function I'm using.
SDL_Surface* Window_Initialize( std::string strCaption, std::string strFilename )

    if( surScreen == NULL )
        return NULL;

    SDL_Surface* surIcon = Load_Image( strFilename );

    SDL_WM_SetCaption( &strCaption[0], &strCaption[0] );
    SDL_WM_SetIcon( surIcon, NULL );

    SDL_FreeSurface( surIcon );
    return surScreen;

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