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[.net] UIType Editor help

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Hey guys, This is my first UI Type editor and I'm not too experienced with C#, so some help would be appreciated. I am in the process of creating a tree control (similar to TreeView, but it allows nodes to be any control the user wants). I've got a Nodes property in my control and decided to do a modal UIType Editor for it. I've got it done, all I want to know is how to save and load values using it. I'm relatively sure my returning code is correct, using the overridden EditValue function, if I understand correctly:
public override object EditValue(ITypeDescriptorContext context, IServiceProvider provider, object value)
            // Access the property browser's UI display service
            IWindowsFormsEditorService editorService =

            if (editorService != null)
                ExTreeNodeEditorForm treeNodeEditorForm = new ExTreeNodeEditorForm();

                // Display the editor
                if (editorService.ShowDialog(treeNodeEditorForm) == DialogResult.OK)
                    return treeNodeEditorForm.m_Nodes;

            return base.EditValue(context, provider, value);


I just want to know how to then load the returned values when I next load up my UIType Editor. I hope that made at least a bit of sense. Any help is greatly appreciated. Cheers Ray

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