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Online data loads

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Helo ! I got a question for a rather experienced game developer. In fact, I could find (test) this out by myself but for that I would have to use all physique engines there are. I am looking for a phys engine to which I could send triangle data defining a static shape online. I have a dynamic scene manager that can register 1 000 000 of objects by using of 50MB in ram. I can Online (on the fly) load a 2000 vertex object from a file if the register asks for it, and send it from cpu ram to gpu ram. It takes such a small time I can do it online. But I am using a physx engine and cannot perform cooking the triangle data to a physiqal shape online. It takes unacceptable time even for a 100 verticies. Is there a physiqal engine that can do this fast? PhysX has many features like liquids and deformable or elastic or cloth meshes but if I had a phys engine that can cook static triangle shape, perform a character controller collision (easy task) and perform box-tri collisions, I will grab it. May be I am just doing something wrong. Can I in PhysX define a static tri shape without calling NxCookTriangleMesh? See
bool status = NxCookTriangleMesh(terrainDesc, writeBuffer);

this call takes the time, all else is just cool, but this call creates me "writeBuffer" object of type MemoryWriteBuffer which is not defined in a PhysX SDK header but in my project header! To then get the actual trishape of actor I call
	terrainShapeDesc.meshData = gPhysDevice->GetDevice()->createTriangleMesh(MemoryReadBuffer(writeBuffer.data));

this creates the tri shape of actor, very fast, but as a parameter it takes this strange object that NxCookTriangleMesh was creating so long. If I could ommit NxCookTriangleMesh and somehow create this strange object-MemoryReadBuffer, the parameter that createTriangleMesh() needs, I would jump 7 meters high, becouse NxCookTriangleMesh is the only slow function in the proccess of creating a tri shape in PhysX scene. I ask a PhysX oriented question here becouse here are just such a guru coders that nowhere else are. I allways come here for answers. It is unbelievable how much help one can get here. THANKS

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