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Model Tearing Problem!

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I''m working on a game based on the code in the shiningknight tutorials. Right now, all it does is load one milkshape model and display it to the screen in various positions based on keyboard input. I also use glPrint to write out a count to the screen. In windowed mode, everything works perfectly. In fullscreen mode however, the model has big tears in it and you can''t see the count that is printed with glPrint(). Nothing is flickering so I''m sure it isn''t a double buffering problem and the tear doesn''t move unless the model changes orientation. I would greatly appreciate anyone''s help in solving this obscurity! Thanks! hlubocky@uiuc.edu

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Actually, I''m not sure if the word tearing would be appriopriate to describe my problem. Tearing usually is associated with double buffering or vsynch problems. I don''t believe this is the case. First of all, it happens whether the model is textured or not. Picture a model of a small stealth fighter/bomber. When viewed from the top, there are a few oddly shaped, black horizontal stripes running through the model. The stripes don''t move unless the model changes orientation. Remember this only happens in full-screen mode, not in a window. I thought maybe the model was bad, so I loaded a new milkshape model of just a cube and once again, some of the edges of the cube show these odd black artifacts. If anyone has any information that could help me solve this problem please let me know!


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I''ll check that out next week sometime... With the exception of checking this forum, and
responding to various e-mails, I am laying off the computer for a while due to extreme wrist/hand
pains. Hopefully I don''t have to "take time off" like this again, as it annoys me greatly. But, as I
said, I''ll look into the problem as soon as I can.

Trent (ShiningKnight)
E-mail me
OpenGL Game Programming Tutorials

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