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hallo 1st time poster here.. my primitves get culled when they go too far into the distance, but they''re really snapped away. is there some easy limit to set (the frustrum(?)?).. how do I do that? any help would be greatly appreciated, thanks.. cheers..

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It''s spelt "frustum". It seems to confuse a lot of people, actually

As to your specific question, the far clipping plane is a part of your projection matrix. If you want to extend it, look at how that is set up. Just remember that the further you far clipping plane is, the less precision you''ll have (since the same [0,1] mapping has to be spaced over a larger distance) and you might get noticible artifacts. If you''re using gluPerspective to set the perspective transform, the far clipping plane is set with the 4th parameter, zFar.

If you''re looking at making object appear to slowing fade in from the distance, look into distance-based fog (with things like glFog().)

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