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Transparent Forms (Visual Basic).

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Lo All, I''m programming an MP3 player in visual basic and I need to know how to make forms transparent and then use a picture as the background, so it looks like the picture is the form. Also if anyone knows, how do I change the appearance of buttons and scroll bars? As you can probably tell I don''t know much VB, it''s for a college project. Thanks in Advance.... COiN

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One of the properties of the Form is "Picture". At design-time set this property to the picture file you want.

Also you're pretty limited to what buttons and scroll bars can look like. Check out the properties on them, you'll see background color, simple style changes,'re not going to be able to easily reproduce a Winamp feel. (assuming that's what you're going for.)


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im not a VB coder but in general you can try this
get the whole Display (screen shot) in an MemCanvas then copy the region under your window and get the whole window (screen shot of your application window). If you have the Copy of you Application window and the Copy of the region behind your window then you can easy alpha blendig and draw it back to the display.
I think this would work..try it :D

Get dc handles :
DesktopDC = GetDC (GetDesktopWindow());
AppDC = GetDC(AppHwnd);


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