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For people who use 3D Studio Max... I've got a question!

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Hello, I was just wondering, because I am currently learning the asspects of 3ds MAX 4, how long does it normally take you guys to make a good character model? If possible, answer in this format; Final Fantasy 7 Type Model: Final Fantasy 8 Type Model: Final Fantasy 9 Type Model: Final Fantasy 10 Type Model: Final Fantasy The Movie Model (wowie!): Thanks for your time. Alex Ford PointSoft EA Co., Ltd.

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Well that depends... You could spend days on a low poly (about 200) because it has to be cool enough to use but fit size restraints. I know people who have spent their entire senior year in college working on a 15 min. CGI short as their final project. The answer is it takes as long as it takes. If you spend a day on something and you think it looks good, it''s done. In the commercial ord thogh it''s not done till the boss sayz it''s done. I hope this helps.

Jim "You want that when" Early

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Well, yea. I figured that much. Oh, well. Of course this wasn''t really an important question, just one to stimulate my mind. Thanks for the Reply, I guess I''ll find out how long it takes first hand in a few weeks. (The models will be detailed as possible, but as you said, low poly enough to keep up Frame Rates. I''ll also have to make a second version of the models, since it is an RPG, and these second versions would be for the Battle Scenes, so they would be high-poly.)

Well, thanks, Cyaz!

Alex Ford
PointSoft EA Co., Ltd.

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I start in the last two month in the same that you can.

First, start with

www.3dcafe and find low-poly shark tutorial (it is nice)
the low-poly tutorial from cd-2 (3dsmax 4, "game design")

of course you MUST draw a human body (2d), if you cannot draw 2d, so forget to made some decent draw in 3d.

In the last 3 week i start a low-poly (now is mid-poly) model for a game.. first start drawing a box (see shark tutorial), then start extrude(called Viagra =), cut, add, create, attach.. and now my model seem some "human".. Seem that you cannot must learn ALL 3dsmax, you must learn some parts!

It is not hard to start. for start, you can spend one month or more, but with more experience you can made a model in one day! (somebody in this forum, made a model in two hours)

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