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[java] jdk1.4 samples

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Hello there does anybody tried the jdk1.4 samples for the full screen api in the Java Tutorial? I tried the and it seems to crash, but it works sometimes... I tried it under Linux and it worked fine

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Yeah, I tried the 1.4 beta as well and had all sorts of problems with it, not only with the new fullscreen mode. Java has a history of releasing really fishy betas, but that''s why they''re called betas. If you''re planning on using fullscreen mode for a project, I''d suggest using 1.3 and emulating the fullscreen functionality with a Window and a couple of offscreen bufffers, then porting that to 1.4 when it''s actually released.


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The fullscreen API and win2k don''t work in beta1. The double+ buffering does work though with standard windows. You can call createBufferStrategy(buffers) on a window, frame, or any subclass.

I''ve been designing my code around the possibility of going fullscreen, but am not depending on it to be there, or be stabe anytime soon. Don''t expect miracle increases in speed either, it''s just not going to happen.

I''ve been working with gl4java for developing my new tile engine so that I will not be constrained by the wonderful Java2d performance problems. I know that I can get decent performace, but there are just many things that are for free when using OpenGL or any other 3d pipeline. I may end up backporting most of the engine to Java 1.1 for compatibility, but I''ll worry about that later.


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