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Scrupp: 2D engine using OpenGL + Lua

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Hello! I'm pleased to announce the third release of Scrupp (v0.4) Scrupp is a 2D engine written in C which uses several SDL libraries and OpenGL to display the content. The core exports functions to the easy to learn Lua programming language. One writes its games and applications using Lua. The result works without changes on Windows, Linux and Mac OS X. Scrupp supports mouse, keyboard, many image formats, truetype fonts and UTF-8, sound & music, movie playback (MPEG-1) and network. Additionally, this new version includes a binding to Cairo (a library for vector graphics). That means you can create images on-the-fly during runtime and use them with Scrupp. Scrupp is free software under the terms and conditions of the MIT license. Website Screenshots Comments are welcome! Basique

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