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Dynamic Irradiance Environment Maps

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I was wondering if anyone had read the article written in the GPU Gems 2 book, specifically the article "Chapter 10. Real-Time Computation of Dynamic Irradiance Environment Maps" written by Gary King. ( His implementation of this seams to have issues ... ( 1. 'ConvolveIrradiance.fx' - when using the HLSL versions of 'ProjectToSH_PS' and 'EvaluateSHCubemap' over the assem versions the system yeilds completly different results (in fact the result is just black!). 2. Additionally, the resulting diffuse and specular cubemaps do not correctly match the input environment cubemap. This can be tested by using one or more input cubemaps that contain a single bright solid circle in different locations. The direction of light caused by the circle is wrong and seams to be always in the same place and the resulting diffuse map dosent seam to be a correct approximation of the input map. I've found article extremely interesting and potentially very useful so any help on the above would be much appreciated. Thanks :)

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