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Power Render 3 Progress

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Guest Anonymous Poster

Does this mean that you will be changing the licensing scheme for PR?

Will it be more expensive?

One route that you may go is to have a screen that is shown on the initialization of the PR libraries--heck, even a call to MessageBox would be sufficient "notice" that the developer is using an unregistered version of PR.

I really hope you do make some sort of trial version public--or at least attainable without giving blood .

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I plan on posting a lot of demos, but not the actual libraries to try out.

I've seen cracks for my previous versions so would prefer not to put out another trial version.

The licensing will change slightly. It will be per product now, so if you make more than one product with it you need to get more licenses.

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Guest Anonymous Poster
Hi Chris,
When you say per product licencing, I presume you mean for commercial products. A lot of the things I create here are for in house use only, and as such don't generate any revenue. When I do create commercial stuff, I have no worries paying per licence.


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I've finished adding multimon support. This lets you run two different displays off the same video card (ie G400 with dual head supports this).

You could use this for displaying all kinds of things on the second monitor, like a message console, overhead map, second player view for 2 player games, inventory for a RPG, etc.

It's really simple to add in. There is a new command called PR_SetMonitor which lets you control which monitor future objects will be rendered to.

I have about 4-5 major bugs to fix and half a dozen more examples to complete before the next beta is out. After that I will be
finishing up any outstanding documentation and make the official release.

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Here are a few things I've fixed for the next beta:

* Simple Stencil buffer shadow volume example
* Finished rippling water effect with bump
* Fixed viewport size
* Fixed 32 bit texture resize
* Fixed Editmat texture not found
* Fixed 32 bit color text, makecolor
* Fixed lstudio, texskin window droppings
* Fixed multipass with fogging
* Fixed Minimize app makes surface fail
* Fixed Mouse cursor over window
* Added DShow example
* Added Collide example
* Added bump reflection example
* Changed the timer routines

The things that I have left:
Change winutil for C++
Fix intersecting box routine
Loading really large jpegs?
Add dual head support
Add AMD 3D Now support
Finish bsp viewer (collision, moving lights, any pak file, sky box)
Projected stencil buffer example
Fix unfinished lstudio buttons

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