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queue class details

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here is a simple queue program I just want to know why the location indices need to be incremented before the data is put into and retrieved from the array that holds the queue kind regards Jack
#include <iostream>
using namespace std;

const int maxQsize = 100;

//creating a template queue class
template<class Qtype>class Queue {
	Qtype q[maxQsize];//array to hold queue data
	int size;
	int putloc, getloc;//location indices
	Queue(int len){
		if(len>maxQsize) len = maxQsize;
		else if(len<=0) len = 0;
		size = len;
		putloc = getloc = 0;

	//put data into the queue
	void put(Qtype data){
		if(putloc == size){
			cout << " -- Queue is full.\n";
		putloc++;//why not put entry in location 0?
		q[putloc]=data;//put data into array

	//get data from queue
	Qtype get(){
			cout << " -- Queue is empty.\n";
			return 0;

		return q[getloc];//get data from queue

int main(){
	Queue<int> iQ(10);
	Queue<char> cQ(10); //create 2 integer queues.



	cout << "Contents of integer queue iQ: ";
	for(int i=0; i<3; i++)
		cout << iQ.get() << " ";
		cout << endl;

	cout << "Contents of character queue cQ: ";
	for(int i=0; i<3; i++)
		cout << cQ.get() << " ";
		cout << endl;

	return 0;

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This implementation is bugged and invokes undefined behavior by accessing one element past the allocated memory.

In a typical compiler implementation, filling up the queue, will cause last element put into queue to overwrite the size member. Either way, what happens when trying to put an element into a queue with just one remaining space is undefined.

get() is also similarly bugged, and it's hard to say what exactly it's supposed to do.

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