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Snowferno for iPhone

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Hello Everyone! I have been lurking here for a long time now, using all of the very useful information that everyone posts to help me along the way to our first game: Snowferno for the iPhone/iPod Touch. It is a game where you are a snowball who is melting in the spring thaw, and you have to find your way to the other side of the planet where winter is just beginning, so you decide to cut through the center of the earth and brave the fires of hell! In this case hell is 20 levels of puzzles and challenges that you have to pass to make it out safely! I would love for you guys to have a look and let me know what you think! On the website you will find some game trailers, screenshots, music snippets from the custom soundtrack as well as the leaderboards and our slightly anemic development blog. Cheers! -Ben

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