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I just tried Power Render

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I decided to give Power Render a try after first struggling with D3D for a few months.

I haven't encountered a single problem yet. I just followed the instructions, compiled the utilities and examples. I even tried to interpolate a light's color each frame, thinking I would get it wrong, but it actually worked and was quite intuitive.

Some examples (like ex. 6) aborted after the title screen, but I narrowed it down to the PR_RestoreAll() call really quick, and for some reason they worked when that was commented out.

I ported sample 3 to C++ and enhanced its dialog so it uses a .cfg or uses a dialog if the .cfg isn't there, then writes one for next time. I'll just put it in an app-wizard and then it's easy to get started each project!

Mr. Egerter, if you want anything for Power Render; I have a 3D level editor for windows I could make use the .PRO format, also have a 2D level editor for windows maybe useful for terrains.

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