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problem with glMapControlPointsNV proc address

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hi all, i have downloaded one tutorial which creates ocean surface. i am able to compile it successfully but when i run this application the glMapControlPointsNV returns NULL value. glMapControlPointsNV = (PFNGLMAPCONTROLPOINTSNV) wglGetProcAddress("glMapControlPointsNV"); can anyone help me to solve this problem. i am using NVIDIA geforce 7000M graphics card. regards, Aburik.

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From the NVIDIA website here.



NVIDIA no longer supports this extension in driver updates after
November 2002. Instead, use conventional OpenGL evaluators or
tessellate surfaces within your application.

The GL_NV_evaluators extension, which implements glMapControlPointsNV, is no longer supported. It isn't present in the, fairly recent, version of the drivers I have installed.

If you cant readily convert the tutorial to use the conventional OpenGL evaluators, there are quite a few other ocean surface examples that don't use glMapControlPointsNV and you could look for one of them. It is worth noting that this sort of thing would typically be done using vertex shaders these days so you might want to look for an example that use them.

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