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Hi, folks! Has anyone a good idea for creating thrusters (for an air-/spacecraft)? I thought of using multiple small particles for the exhaust. The problem here is that additive blending results in a white color (except at the edges). I would actually like the entire thrust to have any designated color and be partially transparent. *And* look proper from all view angles. :-) Any idea for how to handle that? Should I rely on regular geometry instead? In any case I am willing to sacrifice some performance for quality. Any suggestion would be appreciated. thanks, Alex

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Well, here's just an idea:

Make a convex "thrust" model (i.e. a combination of a cone and a cylinder, make start and end somewhat rounder). Then you need to calculate a fresnel like factor f in your pixel shader to mix the core and edge color of the thrust (yellow/orange) and the transparency of the thrust ( you can't see through at the core of the thrust). At last use standard alpha blending instead of additive blending.

glsl example:
float fresnel = (1-pow(dot(normal,view),2));
vec4 final_color = mix(yellow_with_alpha_1,orange_with_alpha_0, fresnel);


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