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New to PowerRender ... Need Some Info !

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Hi !!

Power Render is a 3D Engine that is suitable for both, indoor and outdoor games. To say it in one sentence (I hope Chris agrees):
Power Render gives you the possibility to load and display objects. What objects these are is up to you. Also, what you do with them is up to you. So, there are nearly no limitations. Chris has a lot of examples at that show the power.

Today I have finished my article about Volumetric Fog using Power Render (This is not an included feature, I did myself, there aren't a lot of engines, where you can do that).

Check out and download the Volumetric Fog example, which is done with Power Render.

Phillip Schuster

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I've just downloaded the trial version of PowerRender and I'm now trying it out.

I just have a few questions:-

1. What type of game is this API suitable for ? i.e Outdoor or Indoor

2. What are the advantages and limitations of the API ?

3. Does anyone have any demos or examples to show what is capable with this API ?


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