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Handheld development kits

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Are there any kits out there for non-commercial programming of console systems? 20k is pretty steep just to fiddle with console programming for personal usage. Any 3rd party flash/compile kits? How about for older systems, ie SNES? btw, how much is £20k in American dollars?

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Well, it seem that as far as companies like the big N are concerned, hobiests don''t exist. The big console companies really don''t seem to care about anybody other than the big name companies with big pocket books (unfortunatly).

IF you are just doing this for fun, and aren''t going to sell it or anything, there is nothing stopping you from getting some tools from "3rd parties" (aka semi-anonomous web pages with fan-made tools, some of which may be illegal. And other companies which have developed some hardware to use)

What exactly they''ve figured out how to do depends on the system. I believe they now have playstation to where you can dev a game, and burn it on a disc and play it on any playstation (although I don''t know for sure). We both know that can''t be done the same for SNES and other cartridge systems, however, you can always use emulators, such as ZSNES (by far, the best), or for the SNES along with many other systems (umm... probably all) you can purchase a specially designed cable that will allow you to play things you''ve made on the system.

Also, there are backup devices that can be used to play a rom you''ve made on a real system, don''t ask me where to find one because I''m not sure, but I do know that some are expensive.

So, yes, I guess there are some things out there, just depends on what exactly you want.


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