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Using a COM Server in an Visual Studio .vcproj

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Hi All, I have (I think for some of you) a simple question. I have an .vcproj project (no ATL support and no MFC support) and a I have an .exe file. Within this .exe file should be an COM Server that runs on WinVista. Now I need an connection from my .vcproj project to that COM server. Is there anywhere an step by step tutorial with that I can do such something? I’ve heard in several forums that it is the easiest way to create an ATL project and implement this .exe file. This works also if I create a new ATL project. A new .h file will be created with all the Methods and so on out of the .exe file. But what should I do with an non ATL/MFC supported project? Is there also a way to work with such an project and an COM server? The main problem I have is that I need to work later with some events of the COM server, and this should be also very complicated with no ATL support? It would be nice if someone could send me some information (Step by Step tutorial / simple example how events could be called and so on). I’ve found some things but no complete running example with an event handling. Thanks for any hints. System: WinVista, Visual Studio 2005

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