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Terrain edition tools ? as PNP TErrain Creator

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Hi all I'm kiko from argentina and this is my first topic. I'm working in my terrain editor with TrueVision3D and Dolphin Smalltalk. I implement two brushes , square and circulate. With two modes, flatted and lower-raised, as PnP TErrain Creator. Now, I want to implement the two modes more difficult of PnP Terrain Creator: Look the screenshots: Somebody had implemented something like this ? Or does somebody have idea of as making this? For my square brush , for example I make this: SquareBrush>>loweredRaised: anITVLandscape in: aRectangle "Lowered / Raised the ITVLandscape in aRectangle " aRectangle left to: aRectangle right by: self precision do: [:x | aRectangle top to: aRectangle bottom by: self precision do: [:z | anITVLandscape setHeight: x fZ: z fNewHeight: (anITVLandscape getHeight: x fZ: z) + deltaY]]. I don't find the form of making the same thing that makes " PnP Terrain creator brush". Any idea ?. Advanced thanks kiko PD: Sorry for my English, is not very good.

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