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Teen Productions: Author FAQ

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Recommended Posts Teen Productions is the "company" I wrote my own games under. Six years later it''ll actually be a real company. I already own the domain name (almost 2 years now) and it will be redirected as soon as I get the actual business license. Currently it points to nothing. The current FAQ is a quick (3 page) run down of basic proceedures I''m looking to follow and expect authors to follow. I''m just looking for some feedback as to whether or not they''re good and if I''m forgetting anything important. I should have a customer FAQ within a few days. The one thing I''m really curious about is returns. Most companies don''t allow returns on opened media. I checked XGames but they don''t mention anything about it. They go through and they also don''t mention anything. allows returns on unopened media but keeps the shipping and handling charge. By allowing returns it sends a "we''re so confident you''ll love our games..." message but piracy kinda overrules that I think. Buy it, copy it, return it sort of thing. Should I even bring it up in the FAQ or just not? Right now I leave it up to each author to decide if they want to allow returns. They only thing I require is that the customer is aware of the policy before the sale. I''ll probably just leave it out of the customer FAQ. Ben

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In Germany (and I guess in the EU too) you have to (yes: have to) accept returns in certain cases. Legally speaking if the game is not running on his computer and he has the minimum requirements stated on the CD he can always return it. He could even ask for a refund of his expenses (subway ticket, etc.).

May I ask you whether you are sure Teen Productions is the name you want to use? Its none of my business, but if I hear Teen Production I think about two things:
1) The word "teen" is mostly used in the internet to feature XXX sites.
2) Does it mean your developers are "teens"?
Propably you want to say that your customers are "teens", but the teens I know don''t buy Shareware, they buy high-end games like Quake 3.

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Yep, I have to agree with Jester.IMHO the word ''Teen'' is not really the best choice.Developers might not take you seriously, because ''Teen'' makes me think of all those newbie teams, even though you could propably call me a teen, too.

Jonas Kyratzes - Progressive Design
Creator of Last Rose in a Desert Garden.
Now working on Horizon : Equal and Free.
"God is silent. Now if only man would shut up." - Woody Allen

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The return policy I have to work on. I''ll do some research on copy protecting CDs.

As for the name, the domain name expires in October and I havn''t filed for my business license yet. Still waiting for the paperwork. Should have it today or early next week.

Any suggestions would be great.


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