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rpg gamer 17

Microsoft Visual debugger not opening files

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My last post was do to this line in my sprite engine's show function:
list<int>::iterator fileit = filelist.begin();
for(int _i = 0; _i < AnmNum; _i++) //get animation file number
SetSurface(x, y, FileImage[*fileit], SDL_GetVideoSurface(), &Frame[AnmNum][onFrame]);

fileit didn't have any information because the filelist couldn't get the data from the loading function. I have... Project->General->Output Directory set too my projects path: ..\..\..\My Projects\Tactics The exe shows up there and runs perfectly but the debugger won't open any files. Anyone know why the debugger doesn't open up my files? And Anyone know how to get the debugger to open up my files? They are located at: ..\..\..\My Projects\Tactics\Boards ..\..\..\My Projects\Tactics\Graphics ..\..\..\My Projects\Tactics\Graphics\ANM

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