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Sheer Digital Technology Co.,Ltd

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About us Sheer Digital Technology Co., Ltd is a leading international full game development and interactive entertainment assets outsourcing company in China. We combine high quality workmanship and competitive prices with a customer-oriented focus that allows us to meet and exceed your expectations. Because of perfect outsourcing process management, high quality works and competitive prices, we get more and more trust from our clients, and have already stabilized a good relationship with many famous game developers both in China and abroad. What we do Modeling: * Characters (Low Models, High Models, Rigging, Textures, Normal mapping) * Complete Scenes (Low Models, High Models, Textures, Normal mapping, Lighting, Effects) * Objects (Low Models, High Models, Textures, Normal mapping) Animation: * Key Frame Animation * Motion Capture & Cleaning * Character Model Rigging Conceptual Design: Our Graphic Designers have produced concept work for many of the titles on which we've had the pleasure of working. We offer a wide variety of styles from cute, fuzzy and playful to realistic, robotic and evil. We provide: * Character/creature designs * Industrial/mechanical designs * Environments, interior and exterior * Weapons, props, & world object designs * Production illustrations * Storyboards Game Porting The Games industry is under increasing pressure to reduce development time and cost of production. Because of criticality of time, major publishers and studios are looking at game art outsourcing partners to plat different game art works to different platforms. Unlike a lot of companies which are doing straight ports, our dedicated team will tailor the game experience, tweak the controls, modify art assets and add the necessary content to fit the targeted platform and market to create the best port possible. Sheer's artists have good understanding of the various needs and provide our customers with high quality and lower cost production solution. If you want a real dedicated team behind a quality port, you should definitely contact us soon. Platform Coverage : * Sony Platforms (PS3, PS2, PSP) * Microsoft Xbox Platforms (Xbox 360, Xbox, Xbox Live) * Nintendo Platforms (Wii, DS) * PC (Online / Offline) * Apple Platforms (iPhone,ITouch,iMac) Major Client : climax THQ 2K NHN Microsoft SNOA Softnica Widescreen Tencent Kingsoft Contract: Company Address 66 ,Zhenxing Road, Yingbin Avenue, Jinniu District, Chengdu, China. Business Info: Marketing Director: Zhangjian E-mail: Phone: (86)02866766030 Fax: (86)02887508886 Website: Our company is oriented on providing high quality services for moderate price. Along with comprehensive QA, timely deliveries, flexible pricing and discounts this makes us extremely attractive for our clients. [Edited by - SheerArt on September 14, 2009 4:22:49 AM]

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