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GUI for games

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Hi! I'm currently working on a project which is about two years old. The game is a turn-based strategygame, and that means a lot of gui. The GUI is up for redecoration and I've gotten responsibility to make the system versatile. We are using CEGUI. I just don't know where to begin. My lead programmer has fronted a wish for a gui-editor, which would make the process of actually creating the gui painless, and make sure that the coders can work with code, not designing gui. I've looked at the CELayoutEditor, but I can't really make any sense out of it. The program seems unwilling to obey my commands. I can't even load a image into it. I could probably work it out, but I seriously doubt that a graphical artist could. Does anybody have any tips or alternate solutions? I would like to know how it works in the industry. Is it recommended to connect the buttons to extern scriptfiles via the editor, or should I hardcode all the button's functions? Or should we simply fuck the gui-editors and just hard-code everything? Up until now, we have initialized the gui-elements as soon as the gamestate changes, like this:
   button* startGameBtn = CreateButton();
   image* BgImg = CreateImage();
   // And so on..
But it seems bad to be forced to recompile everything, just because we move some button a couple of pixels. And the biggest drawback is that I have to polish the gui, until the designer is happy. I've allready worked that way in another project and it is really a pain. It would be much better if the designer or some artist could take care of it.

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Short answer: it's ok for your code to specify which widgets you want, and then for data to dictate where they are. That could be as simple as a file containing a list of widget names followed by x, y, width, and height values.

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