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Okay, here's a question

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Hi !

Well, it's not quite easy to do what you want, but that depends on how complicated everything is. Chris did sometime an example demonstrating this. You will find it here: http://www.egerter.com/coding/tips/tip5.htm
By downloading the example you get a lot of macros simplifying the whole procedure. Just check it out, it's really easy. After you have generated all Vertices and Faces, you will need to set UV-Coords and Lighting and so on, but by checking out prtypes.h that's quite simple.
I did use that also. I created my own Terrain Engine using Power Render. I also needed to build an object (the Terrain-Object) from scratch, and using these macros it was quite easy and intuitive.

Phillip Schuster

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I've recently obtained from a confidential source, information on the 3DS file format; so I may use it as an intermediary format to PRO.

Thank you very much for the info on building objects from scratch, that more closely models existing code so it should be easier to port I hope.

Check outmy projects page if you want. I'm adding bezier patches like in Quake III to my 3D level editor. The source on the site is out dated, but it shows the editor's multi doc interface and polymorphic tools and objects.

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How do I build an object from scratch?

>I don't know why I asked this question, there's a sample 10 that shows how to do this, and I remember reading about it in the user manual.<

Basically I need to load my own proprietary level format, but it would be better if I could convert it to a PRO. This would be best accomplished if I could build the scene from scratch, then have Power Render save it to a PRO format.

Is there a PRO file API?

I saw LOADMESH, SAVEMESH, but I'm talking about converting a huge level with thousands of triangles over to a PRO, hopefully by feeding it the vertices, normals, textures, etc.

Reasons why you should help me:

A) It'll save me a lot of money from buying a modeler. I actually have one, but I lost the CD key. That's money saved that I can use toward Power Render.

B) Your customers could use my level editor to make their scenes, without having to pay 300 to 1000 dollars, or as low as 150 on ebay maybe, but still that's more $$ they can spend on power render.


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