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Texture problems with pixel shaders!? HELP!

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Hi there... Im currently working on a 3D game engine based on the book "3D game engine programming". Im trying to use a pixel shader to do multitexturing. This is what the shader file looks like: ps.1.1 tex t0 tex t1 add r0, v0, v1 mul r0, r0, t0 add r1, v0, v1 mul r1, r1, t1 mul r0, r0, r1 The diffuse texture displays properly in the scene(A square room built from primitives), but as soon as i activate my pixel shader, The textures in the room go black! g_pDevice->CreatePShader("base.psh", 0, true, false, &g_Base[1]); Can anyone give me an idea about why this might be happening? Could it be the version of the DirectX SDK im using? I know my PC supports pixel shaders. Im fairly new to shaders so any advice would help!!! Thanks!

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