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Question on Win32

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Hey, I'm sorry if this is not the right place, but ppl who use DirectX usually have some good knowledge on Win32. I'm building this very very large interactive app with DirectX and I'm getting sick of getting all my input in the keyboard, I wanted to use dialog boxes for everything =p I looked some of the "about box" initialization on a default win32 program on visual studio, and some other stuff on old directx examples (DirectInput examples) then fitted it to my needs, so I can have radio buttons drop down menus and everything easily by making the Window's dialog callback and processing messages. The first thing I noticed is that my interactive app in the main window stops even after I close the dialog, I didn't get why exactly so I restarted the timer function (SetTimer) and it started working again (it wouldn't leave the main WindowProc, resetting the time fixed that...) even so... while the dialog box is there, the main app's window doesn't run. The thing is, I want my app to keep running while I this dialog boxes are focused! I tried some cheating like reset the timer in a WM_MOUSEHOVER but it did not work (of course... :p) Anyone knows how I can do this properly? notice that I'm simply defining a callback and calling a DialogBox function. Does windows has some thread system to do that? Thanks in advance

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