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A little confused on the path from college student to gamedev?

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greetings a third time, The reason i started a new thread is because the last thread was about creating windows with c and me realizing that java and c# were a better way of creating windows. I am a college student who is currently studying java and who has a rudimentary knowledge of swing and C(I know both are very unrelated). I know this is a pipe dream ,but i always wanted to work on games and i thought with some knowledge of programming i could have my chance to start. I know i am not going to be making Gears of War or Halo Combat evolved by the end of the day but i wanted to know about the path i should take so eventually i could make things such as Doom(The 2.5d shooter) or a platformer. After reading many, many threads i got a basic idea on the path from College student with a knowledge of java to a gamedev with basic knowledge of gamedev. What i got from the threads is(Keep in mind i can be horribly wrong. You guys are the experts no i) 1-create basic text games 2-Create more advanced text based game 3-Create even more advanced text based game to test your knowledge of the language as well as what you can do. 4-Understand the basics of graphics in 2d 5-Understand more of the basics such as how to create a window 6-Create basic windowed programs 7-create more advanced windowed programs 8-with the knowledge of how to create windows as well as the language you can start with gamedev and its bare basics. 9-learn about the basics and of the api you are using as well as what it can and can not do. 10-???(This is where i am stuck on my ultimate plan) This is my question. What is the path i should take with the current knowledge i have now(Java and C) so that one day i might become a basic gamedev? I see there are some books in my college library about opengl,java games,directx , and xna. Should i take one out or am i not ready for that yet? Thanks. I know the thread is kind of all over the place.

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Hi Roberto, you wrote:
>I know the thread is kind of all over the place.

Actually, no. All I see is that you are confused by a lot of advice you've gotten. Whenever you're confused, just slow down, consider the various things that seem to be overwhelming you, and distill it down to the basics. And this question is very simple.

>What is the path i should take [to] become a basic gamedev?

Build a portfolio. That means, start making games. It doesn't matter what tools you use, what tools you learn next. You'll be using a variety of tools and learning a variety of new things. Just build a game, then another, then another.

When you get feeling all overwhelmed, remember. Slow down, prioritize, simplify. One step at a time (and you have perfect freedom choosing the steps.)
Good luck!

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