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The Pixel Shader unit expects a Shader Resource View at Slot 0, but none is bound.

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Hi all, I am stumped. When I try to render a mesh using diffuse textures for all the submeshes, my mesh is colored all black and I get this debug output from d3d: "The Pixel Shader unit expects a Shader Resource View at Slot 0, but none is bound." I googled around but didn't find any information that helped me. I am using the "D3D10_BIND_SHADER_RESOURCE" flag when using D3DX10CreateTextureFromFile() method. I don't really know what else to explain so I will paste the code that creates the diffuse texture and it's resource view, and the code a snippet of rendering code.
		// Create Diffuse Texture View
		ID3D10Device* pd3dDevice = DXUTGetD3D10Device();

		D3DX10_IMAGE_INFO srcInfo;
		D3DX10_IMAGE_LOAD_INFO loadInfo;
		ZeroMemory( &loadInfo, sizeof(D3DX10_IMAGE_LOAD_INFO) );

		D3DX10GetImageInfoFromFile( mpDiffuseTxFilePathName.c_str(), NULL, &srcInfo, NULL );
		loadInfo.pSrcInfo = &srcInfo;
		loadInfo.Format = loadInfo.pSrcInfo->Format;
		loadInfo.BindFlags = D3D10_BIND_SHADER_RESOURCE;

		V_RETURN(D3DX10CreateTextureFromFile( pd3dDevice, mpDiffuseTxFilePathName.c_str(), &loadInfo, NULL, ( ID3D10Resource** )&mpDiffuseTx, NULL ));
		SRVDesc.Format = loadInfo.pSrcInfo->Format;
		SRVDesc.ViewDimension = D3D10_SRV_DIMENSION_TEXTURE2D;
		SRVDesc.Texture2D.MostDetailedMip = 0;
		SRVDesc.Texture2D.MipLevels = loadInfo.pSrcInfo->MipLevels;

		V_RETURN(pd3dDevice->CreateShaderResourceView( mpDiffuseTx, &SRVDesc, &mpDiffuseTxRV ));
Rendering code
			D3D10_TECHNIQUE_DESC techDesc;
			pTechnique->GetDesc( &techDesc );

			SubMesh10* pSubMesh;
			Material10* pMaterial;
			ID3D10ShaderResourceView* pDiffuseRV = NULL;
			for( UINT passIndex = 0; passIndex < techDesc.Passes; ++passIndex )
				for( INT meshIndex = 0; meshIndex < pMesh->GetNumSubMeshes(); ++meshIndex )
					pSubMesh = pMesh->GetSubMesh( meshIndex );
					pMaterial = pSubMesh->GetMaterial();

					primType = pSubMesh->GetPrimitiveType();
					pd3dDevice->IASetPrimitiveTopology( primType );

					pDiffuseRV = pMaterial->GetDiffuseResourceView();
					pTxDiffuseVariable->SetResource( pDiffuseRV );

					pTechnique->GetPassByIndex( passIndex )->Apply( NULL );

					INT indexBufferLength = pSubMesh->GetIndexBufferLength();
					INT startIndexLocation = pSubMesh->GetStartIndexLocation();
					INT baseVertexLocation = pSubMesh->GetBaseVertexLocation();
					pd3dDevice->DrawIndexed( indexBufferLength, startIndexLocation, baseVertexLocation );
Thanks for any help! [Edited by - link3978 on September 14, 2009 8:06:21 PM]

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How are the variables mpDiffuseTxRV and pDiffuseRV related? Are you sure that pDiffuseRV is not null at the time you call pTxDiffuseVariable->SetResource (step to the line with the debugger and see)?

The error itself is very simple - there is no resource (texture, in this case) bound at resource slot 0 even though the pixel shader expects one to be there. If you call SetShaderResource (the effect framework calls this as a result of pTxDiffuseVariable->SetResource) with 0 as the resource handle, the corresponding slot will be emptied.

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Thanks for the reply. Yes I am sure pDiffuseRV("pDiffuseRV = pMaterial->GetDiffuseResourceView();") is not NULL, I just stepped through it.

You asked how pDiffuseRV and mpDiffuseTxRV are related. They are the same just mpDiffuseTxRV is inside a Material10 object.

This line "pDiffuseRV = pMaterial->GetDiffuseResourceView();" calls this method:

ID3D10ShaderResourceView* GetDiffuseResourceView()
return mpDiffuseTxRV;

Also, here are the data members to my Material10 class:

wstring mpDiffuseTxFilePathName;
ID3D10Texture2D* mpDiffuseTx;
ID3D10ShaderResourceView* mpDiffuseTxRV;

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You have to bind the resource view to an input slot of the pixel shader, this is done by adding something like this to your Material class:

void Material::BindResources(ID3D10Device* device)
device->PSSetShaderResources(0, 1, &shaderResourceView);

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Yay, the solution poped into my head right after I replyed to you.

It turns out I had forgotten I had changed the name of the Texture2D in my .fx file (it previously was "g_TxDiffuse", but I changed it to "TxDiffuse").

I needed to change the line from:

mpTxDiffuseVariable = mpEffect->GetVariableByName( "g_TxDiffuse" )->AsShaderResource();


mpTxDiffuseVariable = mpEffect->GetVariableByName( "TxDiffuse" )->AsShaderResource();

Thanks for your help!

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