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Quake 3 BSP

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This question is mostly for someone who has written a Q3 bsp viewer since it probably requires some knowledge of the file format, but anyone who thinks they can help is of course welcome to answer... I thought this code should print the bounding box of the leaf that point[3] is in, but it doesn''t seem to work.
int currentNode = 0;

		float point[3] = {0,0,0};

		float plane[4];

		plane[0] = lanes[nodes[currentNode].plane].normal[0];
		plane[1] = lanes[nodes[currentNode].plane].normal[1];
		plane[2] = lanes[nodes[currentNode].plane].normal[2];
		plane[3] = planes[nodes[currentNode].plane].dist;

		if(point[0] * plane[0] + point[1] * plane[1] + point[2] * plane[2] >= plane[3])
			currentNode = nodes[currentNode].children[0];
			currentNode = nodes[currentNode].children[1];

		if(currentNode < 0)
			FILE *debug = fopen("debug.txt", "w");
			fprintf(debug, "%d %d %d\n", leaves[-currentNode].mins[0], leaves[-currentNode].mins[1], leaves[-currentNode].mins[2]);
			fprintf(debug, "%d %d %d", leaves[-currentNode].maxs[0], leaves[-currentNode].maxs[1], leaves[-currentNode].maxs[2]);
I''d really appriciate if anyone took the time to read through this code, and see if they find anything strange... (This may be completely out of line, since this is the first time I''m working with bsp''s). Thanks

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Don''t mind this, I solved it. It should be -(currentNode+1) instead of only -currentNode. And that took several hours figuring out...

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