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OpenGL OpenGL book suggestion

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I feel that I am ready to start programming 3d and I would like to know which OpenGL book is the best to start out with? I have heard that "OpenGL Game Programming" is good and that "The Red Book" and "The Blue Book" are good too, though I wonder if these are good to start with? "The OpenGL SuperBible" has had good critics too. To my knowledge "The Blue Book" is nothing but a reference (but a quite complete one). Lastly, I would like you to write about some pros and cons for both Direct3D and OpenGL. /Thanks

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Best books for beginners:
- OpenGL Game Programming
- OpenGL Superbible

Books every OGL programmer should have:
- The Red Book (OpenGL Programming Guide)
- (optional) The Blue Book

And, don''t you dare get a D3D vs OGL flame war going. Check out some of NeHe''s tuts
(, and then check out NeXe''s tuts (, and
see which you like better... NeHe is opengl, and NeXe is D3D.

Trent (ShiningKnight)
E-mail me
OpenGL Game Programming Tutorials

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Just get the Nehe CD, its has a 800 page PDF file, with full source code and a lot of other goodies. The CD is only $15 too its a great deal.

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Wrong Neo, Superbible uses GLUT until Part 3, Chapter 17 in which it talks about OpenGL using Windows instead of GLUT. And the things that NeHe teaches you can be used with GLUT anyways. All the Superbible really uses glut for is to make a window, and to swap buffers (and occasionally make simple models easily, like spheres). Since both the GLUT code and the Nehe code are basically separated from the different tutorials that Nehe does, whatever you learn from Nehe can be applied to GLUT.


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