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PR Windowed mode, help needed

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Hi !!

Well, you made it to port PR to MFC ?? Ok, the reason might be something with MFC. Check out winutil.c !! There you will find a few Error messages, but PR uses the same for both keyboard and mouse. Perhaps you should change the text to find out if it's the mouse, keyboard or DirectDraw/Direct3D(This is done internally in Power Render) which makes the problems.
Did you remove the
in winutil ???
Did you ever get an example running in Windowed-Mode.

I am running my Volumetric Fog example in windowed mode, so it works fine for me.


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I believe it's the DirectDraw/Direct3D SetCooperativeLevel function, which is called internally during PR_Initialize. I didn't find the error string in a search of all PR files, and I'm so far unsure as to how I could have caused it.

I will take your advice and first work with sample apps in their own window. Hopefully that will turn something up.


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I am not using MFC, but I had a situation one time where the window referenced by hWndMain do not have the focus when PR/DX/D3D was init... so it would cause the coop level to fail... may wanna double check that this is not the case.

Jarrod Davis

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Thanks for the tips. Both have helped me figure out what's going on; it was a combination of a few things now resolved. I may have some other questions in a bit though.

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Here's what's going on: I have a quadframe window with four views: 3D, XY, XZ, ZY. The app is written using MFC. I ported over the sample code for winutil.c and devdlg.c, making sure to set ghInstance and hWndMain appropriately. I then do this:

PR_Settings.UseWindowed = 1;

It brings up the device dialog, but no matter what I choose; when I click okay it shows an error message:

SetCooperativeLevel failed

It sounds like a DD issue, but I've seen PR in windowed mode, so what am I doing wrong?

If you need anymore information, please email me.

Here are HTML source listings you might need to look at:
prglobal.c html format
led3DView.cpp html format

Thanks everyone!


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