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2D Arrays

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How do you pass 2d arrays to a function and how do you modify it within the function? Im working on a random map generator for my game and i can''t figure out how to use multidimensional arrays in functions. PLEASE don''t reply unless youre sure it works like you tried your idea out with VC++ 6.

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Guest Anonymous Poster

Aren''t we demanding?

This is a very basic C/C++ concept, so you might want to brush up. Anyway, here is a method to pass an array:


#define CX 100
#define CY 100

// this is the function that takes an array

void fillarray(int* array, int val)
for(int w=0; w<(CY*CX); w++)
array[w] = val;

int myarray[CY][CX]; // declare an array of ints

fillarray(myarray, 100); // fill array with 100

You should know that using array without brackets after the array name acts as a pointer to the array. So in reality you pass a pointer to an array. Note also that when you pass an array this way, the function has no idea what dimensions it is (why I used #defines)

There are other ways to do it. This is the most basic.

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