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How well animation import?

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I don't like using converters because they usually mess up the file. The raptor was keyframed in Lightwave and converted with lws2pro. lwo2pro and lws2pro come with PR and can be compiled yourself (\pr\util\lwo2pro etc)

You may want to use editmat on the object after you've converted it to make sure there are materials defined. If not the conversion didn't work.


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I am wondering how well PR is doing animation import especially for LWS and 3ds.
I recently downloaded prview and 3ds2pro, and tried them with some problems.

Does lws2pro comes with PowerRender?
Does it import multiple textures on the same continuous LWO? I think this should be OK for 3ds import by 3ds2pro.

I converted LWS to 3ds by PolyTrans, and tried to view the 3ds file by prview. But nothing can been seen.

is there some compatibility problem between 3ds produced by PolyTrans and prview?

The 3ds file made by PolyTrans has geometry, because it can be imported to 3d model applications (I do not know textures can be imported to 3d modelling applications). The same file also has the problem when I tried to convert the 3ds to pro by 3ds2pro. The screen remains black and, even after 3ds2pro stopped, the 3ds file is not converted to pro file.

What is the possible cause of this problem?

I tried another 3ds file, and usually they can be converted to pro files by 3ds2pro, but still pro files cannot been seen in prview. Am I missing something to see pro file converted from 3ds?

Thank you very much in advance.

P.S. Rapter.pro, Rapterdan.pro can been seen nicely in prview.

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