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Texture Mapping Help

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Hello, I am working on a height map loader, which works fine. However, I am having trouble loading a texture to my 256x256 grid of quads. I am using Direct3d 8.0. The problem is that the texture is distorted SLIGHTLY (i am working on getting a screen shot up) It looks "normal" but the texture is skewed very little on every vertex. Here is the vertex buffer locking code (ignore the part w/ the height map stuff in it)
   if( FAILED( g_pVB->Lock( 0, 0, (BYTE**)&pVertices, 0 ) ) )		{return E_FAIL;}
	for( int x=0; x<256; x++ )
	for( int y=0; y<256; y++ )
		pVertices[x*256*4+4*y].position = D3DXVECTOR3( x-5.0f, y+1.0f-5.0f, heightMap[y+1][x] );
		if(y==255 || y==0 || x==0 || x==255) pVertices[x*256*4+4*y].position = D3DXVECTOR3( x-5.0f, y+1.0f-5.0f,0);
         pVertices[x*256*4+4*y].color    = D3DRGB(heightMap[y][x]/255.0f,heightMap[y][x]/255.0f,heightMap[y][x]/255.0f);
         pVertices[x*256*4+4*y].tu       = (float)(x/256);
         pVertices[x*256*4+4*y].tv       = (float)((255-y/256.0)-(1/256.0));

         pVertices[x*256*4+4*y+1].position = D3DXVECTOR3( x+1.0f-5.0f, y+1.0f-5.0f, heightMap[y+1][x+1]);
		 if(y==255 || y==0 || x==0 || x==255) pVertices[x*256*4+4*y+1].position = D3DXVECTOR3( x-5.0f, y+1.0f-5.0f,0);
         pVertices[x*256*4+4*y+1].color    = D3DRGB(heightMap[y][x]/255.0f,heightMap[y][x]/255.0f,heightMap[y][x]/255.0f);
         pVertices[x*256*4+4*y+1].tu       = (float)((x/256.0)+(1/256.0));
         pVertices[x*256*4+4*y+1].tv       = (float)((255-y/256.0)-(1/256.0));

		 pVertices[x*256*4+4*y+2].position = D3DXVECTOR3( x-5.0f, y-5.0f, heightMap[y][x]);
		 if(y==255 || y==0 || x==0 || x==255) pVertices[x*256*4+4*y+2].position = D3DXVECTOR3( x-5.0f, y+1.0f-5.0f,0);
         pVertices[x*256*4+4*y+2].color    = D3DRGB(heightMap[y][x]/255.0f,heightMap[y][x]/255.0f,heightMap[y][x]/255.0f);
         pVertices[x*256*4+4*y+2].tu       = (float)(x/256.0);
         pVertices[x*256*4+4*y+2].tv       = (float)(255-y/256.0);		 

		 pVertices[x*256*4+4*y+3].position = D3DXVECTOR3( x+1.0f-5.0f, y-5.0f, heightMap[y][x+1]);
		 if(y==255 || y==0 || x==0 || x==255) pVertices[x*256*4+4*y+3].position = D3DXVECTOR3( x-5.0f, y+1.0f-5.0f,0);
         pVertices[x*256*4+4*y+3].color    = D3DRGB(heightMap[y][x]/255.0f,heightMap[y][x]/255.0f,heightMap[y][x]/255.0f);
         pVertices[x*256*4+4*y+3].tu       = (float)((x/256.0)+(1/256.0));
         pVertices[x*256*4+4*y+3].tv       = (float)(255-y/256.0);

Can anyone tell me what''s wrong? I think that only one or two verticies per quad (because of only a slight distortion) have the wrong UV coordinates set on them but I can''t tell which ones/how to fix them. Thanks, --Mohotmoz

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