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what do these errors mean? 1. error C2627: member function defined in unnamed class 2. warning C4094: untagged ''class'' declared no symbols those two errors are the source of 66 other errors that are preventing me from doing any extra work. X4J

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Looks to me like you didn''t name your class properly, those two errors pop up if you have some code like this:
class {
void someFunction();

The code above is obviously wrong, as the class isn''t named.

If that''s not your problem please post some of the code that causes things to go pear-shaped.


- Death awaits you all with nasty, big, pointy teeth. -

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here is the class.

class OBJECT

// OBJECT functions
int state; // the state of the object (general)
int Show();
int Hide();
int Move();
int Destroy();
int Animate();
int Set_Pos(int nx, int ny);
int Set_Vel(int nyv, int nxv);
int Set_Anim_Speed(int speed);
// int Set_Animation(int anim_index);
int Collision_Test(OBJECT object2);
int Clone(OBJECT source, OBJECT dest);
// int Load_Animation(int anim_index, int num_frames, int *sequence);
int Create(int xx,int yy,int Width,int Height,int numo_frames,int attributes,LPCTSTR filename);

// public variables
int x,y; // position bitmap will be displayed at
int xv,yv; // velocity of object
int max_velocity,min_velocity;

int anim_state; // an animation state variable, up to you
int attr; // attributes pertaining to the object (general)
int width, height; // the width and height of the object
int width_fill; // internal, used to force 8*x wide surfaces
int counter_1; // general counters
int counter_2;
int max_count_1; // general threshold values;
int max_count_2;
int varsI[16]; // stack of 16 integers
float varsF[16]; // stack of 16 floats
int curr_frame; // current animation frame
int num_frames; // total number of animation frames
int curr_animation; // index of current animation
int anim_counter; // used to time animation transitions
int anim_index; // animation element index
int anim_count_max; // number of cycles before animation
int *animations[16]; // animation sequences
LPDIRECTDRAWSURFACE7 file; // the template that contains the animations
RECT images[60]; // the source rects representing the varoius animations

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''OBJECT'' seems a pretty ambiguous name for a class. Try changing it. It might be that some windows header file defines it as a macro or something like that.

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