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I am using TrueSpace for my meshes. You need to have at least version 4.1 however. Version 4.0 does not export to .3DS properly, it seems to not export the UV texture coords.

Versions earlier than 4 does not support .3DS binary format.. and it was a nighmare trying to get versions 1-3 to .3DS and still look right. I am using 4.2 and it has been working perfect for me.

If you do use truspace, make sure you triangulate/fix bad geomotry before saving since tS's meshes are based on quads and saving to .3DS will auto triangulate the mesh which will not always look right. Best to do it while editing then save/export.

Email me if you have more questions about truespace: or

Note: I think tS 1.x is free now.

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Does anyone on here use anything other than 3d Studio or Lightwave to create models for this API? If, for example, I exported a model as a .3ds file from Animation Master or Truespace, would it be screwed up in any way? Would it be missing textures, etc.? Has anyone done this? Has anyone attempted other programs? Both of those programs claim to export to .3ds, but I wonder how exact they really are, and how well they would work with PR.
Any comments would be quite helpful.


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