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Game Design....Possible?

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I have just begun working on PowerRender as the engine I may be using in my game, The After, and I was wondering if it would be a good choice for the game. Our website is http://www.netemp.net/after/index.htm and generally The After is an MMORPG. We''re having quite a few advanced features, like fully deformable terrain, dynamic weather, and others. Our features are listed on the site in the FAQ. I would like to know if one, that the game is feasible, and two, if this engine has the capabilities we need to get the game finished. From what I''ve seen in the demos, and practicing in the terrain editor, it has the potential except for a few things that I suppose I just don''t understand completely, like how to have a moving sky without a static background and having the sky look dynamic, rather than the same texture copied multiple times. Hopefully someone could reply to this, especially Chris. Thank you. -William Phelps Lead Developer of The After

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If you see a very obvious tiling pattern in the sky, scale the cloud layer up and bring it down closer.

I can only assume you want a dynamic sky for different times of the day. I haven''t done this myself but you can change bitmaps and color of the sky to get a decent effect.

One thing about the engine is that you can change what I''ve created. If you don''t like having a sky cube, make it a sky sphere and rotate it slowly. Add more cloud layers, or anything else you need.

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