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WarrenLife (WarrenLife.co.uk)

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Hello. WarrenLife is a game currently in development, which plans to be an online browser bases text and 2D game. The game is looking very promising and progress is very good. About WarrenLife: "WarrenLife is going to be online game that is unique in the way that the character you play as, is a Rabbit! The concept of WarrenLife is that you create a character, choose a name, choose some base stats then you're on your own in the world of WarrenLife. You'll be able to go to "Davis' Farm" to dig up some carrots (the currency of WarrenLife), buy new items for your Burrow. Increase your other skills ranging from digging to speed. Increasing your skills will give you benefits, for example when you go to dig up carrots (which is basically earning money) there will be a chance that you are either spotted by the farmer or a predator, such as a fox sees you, and chases you, based on your other attributes, such as your speed, you will be able to escape such dangers, so this is how attributes will be implemented into the game. We hope to have some mini games that will be fun for you, and that help you to gain more carrots, and influence in the game. Eventually you'll be able to interact with other users of WarrenLife being able to probably battle against each other or trade with each other. At the moment WarrenLife is in very early development stages, and we really need your help for ideas and support. Any help will be greatly appreciated. WarrenLife is currently in development stages and we need your help to get it completed. We need help from developers, artists, website managers/designers and support from the community!" At the moment we're really looking for support from a larger community, please register on the forums and offer your services if you want to :D

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