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need help [How to] Configure 5+ buttons mouse.

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Hi everybody. The little story that brings me here: [spoiler] Recently i've purchased a "steelseries wow mouse" and tried to configure it. I gave up fast enough to get my cash back and got to find a new mouse fitting my wills... This mouse has 15 mouse buttons, or so is said. A software dl-able is here to help us configure the mouse... In fast this software, designed for WoW gamers is made to "mimic" keyboard strokes. Practically: by default on the wow shortcuts, straffing right on a qwerty keyboard is the "e". Bind the right straffing move to a button, and any spell on the "e" key (now free for binding) Press the "straff" mouse button freshly configured and... you cast the spell bound on "e". Even funier: as a french user my keyboard is an azerty one. Making the left-straff key an "a" by default on my computer... But the steelseries software gives me the "q" on the mouse button bound to left straffing. That little story to introduce my need of a more-than-5-mouse-buttons mouse... [/spoiler] Would you know: -How could I make windows recognize buttons 6, 7, 8... etc AND use them as shortcuts in a game like WoW with any mouse (or more precisely the steelseries which is a well designed 15 buttons mouse) -Is it even possible? if yes, how can a programming übernewbie such as myself manage to unlock these buttons..? -What mouse has a good enough software and/or drivers to make full use of every buttons (including dpi switches) whithout processing to keyboard keys "mimic"? Thank you all for your attention, and I hope for your answers very soon. Yours, tom. [PS: excuse my english if it's not as good as it could be, I'm just french after all]

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