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Hello all, let me introduce myself to the forums firstly. I'm 18 years old and have been programming/developing games since I was 12 years old. In the past months I've been working on an 2D ORPG called Animal Forest (very subject to name change, has nothing to do with that old N64 game). Animal Forest is a 2D player operated ORPG with strict roleplay rules enforced. There are currently 12 animal characters to choose from: Hedgehog Badger Rat Fox Mouse Squirrel Shrew Rabbit Beaver Ferret Weasel By player operated I mean, the game has minimal NPC's, the only actual NPC's are the skill trainers in the main hall of the game. In Animal Forest, you "role-play" as a critter in the vast forest. Players can engage in combat, trade, or general chatter. There are several magics and weapons and enchanted items for combat. Be creative with your character! You can be anyone! A thief, a body guard, a wandering merchant, a bar owner, inn keeper. These are just small examples, feel free to expand on your character all you wish within the realms of reputable role play. Currently Animal Forest is in beta testing and I'm seeking a small amount of players to try and find errors and report them to me via my forums. There are some screen shots of the game on the forums link below. I'm open to all sorts of suggestions towards my game. http://animalforest.no-ip.org Thanks for your time - Buzzyboy

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