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Callin' all OpenFX users!

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Now pals...if u''ve used the OpenFX 3D Modelling program before, please reply! Thanks!!!!! :-D "The feeling of mastering and understanding hard stuff in Game Programming is just like the feeling u get when u perform an Air-Walk in the basketball court, soaring.....and everyone''s watching in awe......."

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I Did! I did!
Well, anyways who told u bout OpenFX???(just wondering)
I myself don''t 3d model. I just CANT!!!
I should buy a book on it.
But i just put it off saying ill learn it once i learn Direct3D (which will probably be about 67 years from now (I love doing TwoD art, I think it''s awesome and more of an art than ThreeD games (you guys might as well qoute me on that because thats probably whats gonna happen)

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Guest Anonymous Poster
I used OpenFx. It doesn''t have too many features, but it is a pretty damn good 3d modeler/animator because it is now free! I like 3d studio max better(obviously). Truspace is cheaper and easy to use, but if you need some temporary tool, or don''t have the money- openfx is the way to go. It''s pretty powerful for a free program.

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